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The crypto market has been one of the most lucrative investments during the past decade. However, the high volatility and frequent market crashes make it a challenging asset to invest in.

Wealthrone's Hedge Funds aim to benefit from the market inefficiency.

Wealthrone Arbitrage Fund I SP

Key Highlights

The Fund is open for new investors with a minimum investment threshold of $1M.

  • Audited by MHA

  • Adminstrated by NAV

  • Institutional-grade custody by Copper

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation through investments in digital assets with different arbitrage strategies. A large portion of the assets is allocated to a fully automated market-neutral funding rates arbitrage strategy that is designed to aim to profit despite the market trends. The strategy is designed to aim to win more USDT. The strategy is based on mathematical formulas and automation, and, it aims to work without human intervention.

The main assets the Fund invests in, are different digital assets while having a maximum exposure of 5% per an arbitrage pair.

The Strategy & Indicative

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