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The crypto market has been one of the most lucrative investments during the past decade. However, the high volatility and frequent market crashes make it a challenging asset to invest in.

Wealthrone's Hedge Funds aim to benefit from the market inefficiency.

Wealthrone Digital Asset Fund I SP

Key Highlights

The Fund is open for new investors with a minimum investment threshold of $1M.

  • Audited by MHA

  • Adminstrated by NAV

  • Institutional-grade custody by Copper

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation through investments in digital assets with different trading strategies. A large portion of the assets is allocated to a cyclic, fully automated strategy that is designed to aim to profit from market volatility and market downturns. The strategy is designed to aim to win more crypto assets from crypto assets - providing a hedge against market risk. There is no technical or fundamental analysis involved. As the strategy is based on a pre-set mathematical formula, it aims to work without human intervention.

The main assets the Fund invests in, are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The Strategy & Indicative

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