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From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition - Wealthrone's Journey 


Originating in Finland in 2021, Wealthrone has rapidly evolved into a globally recognized entity in the digital asset investment arena.

A Global Team for a Global Vision

Wealthrone's journey, beginning in the vibrant landscapes of Finland, has now extended its roots across continents. Our diverse and skilled team spans the globe, with dedicated members based in the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands.


This widespread presence not only speaks to our international reach but also enriches our perspectives and strategies with a blend of cultural insights and regional expertise.  Each location contributes uniquely to our overall mission. In the UAE, our team taps into a hub of innovation and financial advancement. Finland remains the heart of our origin, continuing to inspire our growth with its robust tech environment. Mexico brings a dynamic and emerging market perspective, while the Cayman Islands connect us with key global financial networks. 


Together, this international collage of talents and locations empowers Wealthrone to stay at the forefront of digital asset investment, offering our clients a truly global and well-informed approach to navigating the complexities of the digital financial world.

The Genesis of Wealthrone: A Story of Innovation and Growth

The inception of Wealthrone traces back to the shared vision of Teemu Alanen and Jonne Välilä. Both are seasoned multi-asset-class investors and entrepreneurs. Their expertise spans over a decade across diverse asset classes, including real estate, commodities, securities, stocks, and, notably, digital assets. 


The year 2021 marked a pivotal moment in their journey. It was then that Alanen and Välilä embarked on developing innovative strategies focused on the automatical growth of cryptocurrency assets. By early 2022, the second iteration of their strategy showed significant promise, prompting a rigorous one-year testing phase using their personal accounts, before involving any external capital. 


Today, the principal strategy that debuted in January 2022 stands as the cornerstone of Wealthrone Digital Asset Fund I SP. Its continued robust performance is a testament to the foundational principles of Wealthrone: innovative strategy development, meticulous testing, and a commitment to delivering solid results in the dynamic world of digital assets.

Wealthrone Today: Innovating for Secure Digital Asset Investments

At Wealthrone, the pursuit of innovation is relentless. In today's rapidly evolving digital asset landscape, Wealthrone's commitment to developing new and effective strategies remains at the forefront of its operations. Understanding the complexities and the opportunities presented by this burgeoning market, Wealthrone is dedicated to providing investors with streamlined and secure access to it.

"Wealthrone's team of experts continuously explores and implements cutting-edge techniques and approaches, ensuring that Wealthrone remains agile and effective in the face of market shifts. This ongoing development is not just about keeping pace with the market; it's about leading the charge, providing investors with the tools and insights they need to make informed and confident investment decisions in the digital asset realm."

- Teemu Alanen

The cornerstone of Wealthrone's approach is the combination of safety and ease of access. Recognizing that the digital asset market, while promising, can be daunting for investors, Wealthrone's strategies are designed to demystify this process, offering a clear and secure pathway to participate in the potential growth of digital assets. With Wealthrone, investors gain a partner that is as invested in their success as they are in the continual evolution of Wealthrone's strategies.

"Wealthrone is dedicated to simplifying and demystifying the journey into digital assets. The goal is to make this emerging asset class accessible and secure. Wealthrone's strategies are designed for ease and safety, providing a straightforward path for investors. Our promise is to deliver a seamless and intuitive investment experience, underpinned by Wealthrone's deep expertise in the digital asset landscape."

- Jonne Välilä

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