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  • What is Wealthrone Ltd?
    An innovative software company, designed to help investors like yourself to make better investments. Wealthrone Ltd is incorporated in Finland under VAT number FI32332683.
  • How many strategies are currently available?
    2*2*3 = 12. You need to choose: - BTC or ETH - Short or Long - Aggressive, Medium, or Conservative. Click Here
  • Is there a specific time that would be optimal to start the Software?
    No. Various studies have proven that nobody can time the market. Schedule a call with our team to ask for more information or anything related to getting started with Wealthrone.
  • How much is the commission that Wealthrone takes from profits?
    At the moment Wealthrone does not charge any fixed fees from using the Software, but only commissions. Please reach out to find the best model for you and learn about the commission.
  • Can I use some other crypto exchange than Bybit to connect the Software?
    At the moment no.
  • If I make profits, for how long do I need to wait before getting those?
    Your assets connected to the Software remain always in your Bybit account. If you are able to generate profits with the Software, you can withdraw them immediately or whenever you wish.
  • Can I lose all my assets that the Software uses?
    Absolutely. If you select completely "wrong" strategy, and the USD market price goes too much too straight to the wrong way, the strategy liquidates all your assets connected to that strategy. All liquidation limits are presented to you with examples in the onboarding guide. Also, something can happen to Bybit, like an hack or bankruptcy. Please keep the majority of your crypto wealth stored in cold hardware wallet.
  • Can I track my possible profits somehow conveniently?
    Yes. You will be guided to get a (free) app, that you can use with your phone or desktop, and that updates constantly and has a nice chart.
  • In what currency are my possible profits calculated?
    In BTC or ETH. The Software aims to generate more crypto from crypto. The USD/EUR/Whatever price most likely keeps on changing.
  • Why you are providing this service, if the Software is so freaking good? Why not just use it yourselves?
    Wealthrone Ltd is incorporated in Finland, where pretty much all the key financials are public, so this is not a secret. We started on 2021 with 6 figure investment from the founders. The first version of the Software doubled the value and then lost everything overnight. That Software is obviously buried and has nothing to do with the one we are offering to you, and nowadays using ourselves as well. Anyways, as we lost quite a big chunk of cash in the beginning, "renting" the Software out is just a way for us to get more cryptos to put in to this version of the Software.
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