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Is it for me?

Are you a nitpicker who hates teamwork? Do you think it’s perfectly fair that the World’s current monetary system is ruled by central banks, that are private corporations and can create currency out of thin air to lend it with interest to your government? Is self-improvement only for losers?


If you answered yes, yes & yes - great! Now you know we are not a fit and you can move on :)


But if you disagreed - we might have a job for you!

Wealthrone Ltd is a software company that’s on a mission of stabilizing Bitcoin, so it could potentially serve humankind as a fair money. While the Software has a stabiling effect to the market price, it also aims to generate more crypto wealth for its users. Some use the Software to hedge their BTC investments, while some see the Software as an alternative for manual day trading.


Now the world needs to know about the Software & the mission and we need YOU if you know that attitude eats traditional education for breakfast!

Stock Market Data

Some facts

- We’re a Software company. Not a financial advisor or a crypto provider.


- We never custody our users’ crypto. They just rent the Software from us.

- We are our own Software's biggest user and 100% transparent on how we're doing.  The performance of all our strategies from the beginning on our own accounts are shared on the results page.

- The beginning balances on our own accounts (as shown in the results page) have been for each strategy 0.1 BTC / 1 ETH; the same amounts that are minimums for new users.

- The Software dashboard looks like this:

If you would like to grind for a stable Bitcoin, feel free to reach out to share your superpower!

Image by Jud Mackrill

What's it like to work with WT?

Our Software fee is commission only. We only make money if our users do. Therefore most of the jobs we have are also commission-only-based. And therefore we don’t mind if you have another job as well - until the commissions are big enough to support your life - and hopefully eventually enables you to upgrade your lifestyle!

Wealthrone is incorporated in Finland, but we operate 100% remote. We have a few weekly team meetings. Nobody is going to spy you, but results will be measured.

We have a comprehensive onboarding program, to ensure you become successful.

And as human brains react positively on smiling faces and we want to give an impression that you’d have fun working with Team Wealthrone; here is a random fake team picture from Unsplash. Enjoy!

Some Open Positions

We encourage you to reach out anyways if you think we might be  great cultural fit! Here are some specific roles we are looking currently.


Some would call this a salesperson. We cannot use pushy oldschool sales tactics. But we can reach out people and tell about the Software.


Some would call this a marketer. It's tricky with crypto-related service, so you need to be clever to find ways to engage people in some etc.


The World needs to know about our Software and for that we need people to do that. You need to find the right people to join the team!

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