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An innovative Software company that is on a mission to help you belong to the winners in the volatile crypto market, eventually stabilize it - and make Bitcoin an alternative for money.


Teemu Alanen and Jonne Välilä, both born in Finland and living in Mexico, are long-term investors, who have been hands-on in different asset classes for more than a decade. In 2021 they started to develop Software that could automatically increase their crypto wealth. In early 2022 the 2nd version of the Software seemed promising, so they tested it for 1 year in their own account. The Software's first strategy managed to increase the amount of ETH in the account by 73% during 2022, so in early 2023 they decided to gather a team and start to offer the Software for selected crypto investors with a commission-only business model.


Wealthrone Ltd, incorporated in Finland under registration number FI32332683, is not a financial advisor, but a software company granting you access to our proprietary software that efficiently hedges your crypto portfolio. With this powerful technology, you can confidently protect your investments against market volatility, ensuring that you can sleep soundly while your portfolio is shielded. Sign up now to join the winning side!

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